The Education Crisis in Texas

By Rep. Raul Torres

When I was a young boy I was educated under an education system that consisted of reading, writing, and arithmetic, but that’s become as out of date as a 10¢ cup of coffee.

Since then, education experts have told us that there are better and more innovated ways to educate our children. So I decided to do some research on my own to see how just how well Texas is educating our students.

In the last year I’ve attended four education conferences, spoken to scores of educators, visited over 30 public school campuses, and have read many reports on how we educate our children.

What I’ve learned is alarming.

Take for example a recent meeting I attended with a group  of small business owners in Corpus Christi. I heard over and over again how, in the description of one business owner, many South Texas high school graduates have been “swindled into thinking they have received an education”. It seems that many of the young men and women who applied for jobs couldn’t read or do math at the fifth grade level.  Keep in mind that these are high school graduates and they had a diploma to prove it! Nevertheless, these applicants are functionally illiterate.

Currently in South Texas, roughly half of all students drop out of school. Many graduate lacking even the most basic skills. And too many of those continuing on to college must take remedial courses because they’re simply unprepared for college classes.

The saddest part is that these examples are not the only ones. I’ve heard this same story over and over again all across South Texas. This and all of the other research and conversations reveal how closely linked the quality of education we offer our children are to the jobs we want to create in our community. We can’t have one without the other. We must improve our schools now and with your support we will.

We need to remove regulations that protect bad teachers and we need to reward the good ones. We need to better use technology to give students more educational choices while reducing the number of students per classroom. And we need to offer career based curriculums because a one size fits all approach shortchanges students who want to continue their education by learning a trade instead of continuing on to a four year college.

That’s why I’m running for the Texas Senate – to fix our schools and create good jobs. I believe if we want a better, more prosperous future for our families, we must change public education in Texas now.

In conclusion, Texas needs bold, new leadership to  properly fund and transform our public education system.   Only after we improve our education system in Texas will we provide Texas families the opportunity for a better, more prosperous future.

That is why I need your vote and your financial support in my campaign for Texas Senate District 20. We are knocking on doors, making phone calls and traveling all across Brooks, Hidalgo, Jim Wells and Nueces counties to get our message out to the voters. Now it’s your turn.

To join us log on to and let’s change the future for all Texans.

Raul Torres, State Representative

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