The Road to Freedom


In “The Road to Freedom,” Arthur Brooks leads the fight for cultural renewal in America based on free enterprise. 

Most Americans believe our country is on the wrong track. Government spending is out of control and shows no signs of relenting. A record-high 8 in 10 citizens are dissatisfied with the way our government is operating.  An ever-increasing share of Americans is disengaged from the political process. Corporate cronyism is eating away at our free enterprise system from within.

America stands at a crossroads. We face a critical choice today: accept the march toward big government and European-style statism or renew our Founders’ vision of freedom.

The solution is a return to free enterprise.

Only free enterprise encourages and allows each of us to define our destiny and earn our success.  Only free enterprise encourages true fairness based on merit and opportunity. And free enterprise is the only system that can lift up the vulnerable and those who have fallen on hard times by the millions—by rewarding entrepreneurship and encouraging charity.

These three principles — earned success, true fairness and helping those in need — are the foundation of the moral case for free enterprise.

“The Road to Freedom” is the blueprint for defending free enterprise against the powerful forces of big government. This site will take your learning beyond the book so you can join us on the front lines of this critical movement.

The time to take back America is now.

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