“The Voucher Revolution in Education”

Herbert J. Walberg: the Hoover Institution.

By 2030, K-12 education in America will be largely privatized.

“American  education will look like in 2030. The  essay is from an online publication of the Hoover Institution’s Koret Task  Force on K-12 Education, American Education in 2030. Copyright, Board of Trustees, Stanford University.To be clear, a voucher, as the term is used here, is a publicly or privately funded scholarship awarded directly to families to pay the costs of the private schools they choose for Private School MONITOR, December, 2011 2 their children. By 2030, vouchers will  have displaced failing public schools,  which have  long yielded poor results  at high costs and have  monopolistically confined children to  a failing system. Although based  largely on facts established by 2010,  this essay provides an admittedly  speculative account of the rising  prevalence of vouchers from the   the hypothetical perspective of 2040.”

Due to copy rights, we can only links to this great article on Vouchers. Read the full report here>>

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