These States Could Pick the GOP Nominee, Each for Different Reasons

header-hoover-institution-fellows1-1by Ronald Brownstein

More than ever before, the Republican race hinges on geography and demography.

Those look­ing for the turn­ing points in the tu­mul­tu­ous GOP pres­id­en­tial race may want to circle on their cal­en­dars the con­tests next year in Michigan, Ohio and Illinois across the Mid­w­est, and South Car­o­lina, Vir­gin­ia, Geor­gia and Flor­ida in the South­east.

As Re­pub­lic­ans gathered for their latest de­bate in Las Ve­gas this week, more GOP strategists be­lieve their pres­id­en­tial mara­thon is evolving to­ward a three-way con­test that could di­vide the party along sharp demo­graph­ic and geo­graph­ic lines well in­to 2016.

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