The Time Is Ripe For TX Republicans To Push For An Immigration Bill in Congress

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Children from Central America at CBP detention center in Texas.

Yesterday Gov. Rick Perry, Speaker Joe Straus and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst ordered the Texas Department of Public Safety to use appropriate resources to immediately execute an operation of increased law enforcement in Texas border counties at a cost of $1.3 million per week. It is perceived to last until the end of the year to help with the “Humanitarian Crisis” at the border. This “Humanitarian Crisis” and cost to Texas tax payers could have been adverted if some intransigent Republicans in Congress would have supported an immigrating bill in the House last year.

If Congress had passed an Immigration Bill when the Senate passed the Immigration Bill S. 774, these Central American families would have had the “legal way” to re-unite with their daughters and sons left in Central America and any cost associated with this reunification would be entirely directed at the parents. The new bill would have changed the asylum requirements, thus making it harder for people to come here and claim political asylum. But because intransigent Republicans Texas in the House denied this solution, now Texas will have to bear the cost of this “Humanitarian Crisis” and the human-traffickers cartel will continue to transport Central Americans children and women to the southern border where they can easily ask for asylum. In the means time, Congress remains idle and in an ideological feud.

The tallest fence would not stop these children and mothers because as “asylum seekers” all they have to do is knock the door (fence), and by law, CBP agents have to process any “asylum seekers.” Fences do not stop asylum seekers fleeing violence. So be smart and don’t believe that false narrative that big fences can stop this “humanitarian crisis.” However, an Immigration Reform could have.

Cuban-American intransigent Republicans like Ted Cruz, who often use the word “amnesty” to oppose any immigration reform should know that similar waves of “Humanitarian Crisis” occurred when about 125,000 Cubans (Marielitos) flooded the U.S. Shores in the 1980s, and again in 1994 to escape retaliation in Cuba. Thus, as a personal story, the Senator should know that when these Humanitarian crisis occur, the federal government must act and fix it. This Humanitarian Cuban “crisis” resulted in the creation of wet-foot, dry-foot policy that Ted Cruz adamantly supports.

If Congress had passed Immigration Reform, the Border would have been “protected” and secured by now with a 360-miles of additional fencing and 20,000 more Border Patrol Agents at no cost for Texas taxpayers. Moreover, the immigration bill, Custom and Border Patrol properly trained in federal law and Constitutional Rights would be watching the border.

If the House had passed Immigration Reform, businesses and workers would have not have to be forced into a clandestine black labor marker.

Since this “Humanitarian Crisis” is more about families seeking to be reunited, and less with Illegal Mexican immigration, if the House had passed Immigration Reform, businesses and workers would have not have to be forced into a clandestine black labor market and both Mexico and the U.S. can have a legal frame work for the legal flow of workers to supply the labor demands of the Texas economic.

While Mexico and Texas deepen their economic ties, and the “energy revolution” in Mexico will result in millions of jobs for Texans, Congress must see this “crisis” as a stronger reason to fix a broken Immigration system—secure the border and create the legal means for businesses and workers to come out of the show and reunite families; and it would behoove the Republican Party to return to its free enterprise and free trade core tenets and support a comprehensive solution to this “crisis.”

President Obama and the federal government have failed to fulfill their duty to secure our border, and thus, Gov. Perry and all elected officials must demand that the Texas Congressional Delegation push to pass an immigration bill as soon as possible so that the state of Texas can be reimbursed from any money spent “protecting” the border and managing this “Humanitarian Crisis”

Moreover, Texas Republicans must not allow that the party of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush – and the party of family values and pro-life – not be used by bloggers and radio hosts to demonize Central American women and children as terrorist or criminals. These are Catholic Christian women and children and any dehumanization of this families will run counter to interest of the Republican Party and Conservative religious movement in the country. These children and women have waited decades for their visas to become available, but/for an antiquated system with quotas—–they must act now or never see their family in this lifetime because of the bad immigration law that we have in this country.

There are enough Texas Republicans in the House of Representatives to force Speaker Boehner to bring an Immigration bill to the floor for a vote so that Texas taxpayers don’t have to bear the fiscal burden of this failure to protect the border. The cost of this “border surge” can add up about $30 million in the next five months; this is money that could be used in our depleted water projects and schools. Immigration bill S. 744 provides about $5 billion for the same task that Texas “border surge” will cost.

As a result, the time is ripe for all Republicans to demand the Congress act. Texas families in businesses in border communities in South Texas ought to live in “secure” and well managed border. Texas taxpayer should not be paying for the failure of Congress to fix immigration and protect our border. Texas taxpayers should demand that Congress do its job and fix immigration.

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