We Texans Need to Work Together to Rebuild the American Spirit‏

By Linda Vega

Texas is in transition. Our population is projected to double in the coming decades. As such, there are new challenges on how to keep Texas RED. These challenges come from two sources: an ever-growing federal government that imposes unnecessary bureaucratic regulations, and interests groups like Battle Ground Texas that are working hard to turn Texas blue. In addition, other “conservative” groups  have abandoned their core values for political fads and this is shrinking our presence as conservatives around the nation. So WE Texans must stick together to fight for true economic freedom: free enterprise, capitalism, free trade and limited government.

This economic freedom can only come from RED states like Texas where Republican legislatures have demonstrated that businesses can still succeed without Keynesian big government policies that suffocate our freedom.

It was President Reagan who restored integrity to the presidency. He spoke of our free market, and our national character as Americans, and he made us believed that the Spirit of America is not one big Government “beast,” as he called it, but rather the Spirit of a free people who want a limited government. He reignited these principles in our party and it was, in essence, these values of limited government, economic freedom and free enterprise–coupled with a strong military power that provided Americans with a rekindled sense of pride in our nation.

As we see our population rapidly expand, we Texans need to work together to Rebuild  the American Spirit that is based on economic freedom and Texas conservative values.

To carry this fight forward after the primary, we must transition from Linda Vega for Texas U.S. Senate race to Linda for Texas Committee so together we can fight to protect traditional Texas values, cultural and economic freedoms, that have made Texas great.

If you are a Republican county chairman/woman, keep us informed of any events in your county as we travel the state promoting Reagan conservative values. We would like the opportunity to speak to your group. If you are a president or CEO of a conservative group promoting conservative and economic freedom, let us know how we can work together to  rebuild America and make certain that Texas remains a beacon of freedom.

The challenges are big, but so is our Spirit.

God Bless America and God Bless Texas.

Thank you for your unwavering support.

Linda Vega is a former Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and the George Washington Law School in D.C.  She worked for The Department of Labor, and she is currently in private practice at THE VEGA LAW FIRM. Her areas of expertise are in Immigration and Labor/Employment-Labor Law.  In 2012, Linda Vega was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to the Family Practice Residency Advisory Committee. you can find more on her campaign website: www.lindavegafortexas.net

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