We Wish You The Best and Prosperous New Year in 2013.

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are humbled by the support messages that we have received these past few weeks. It has been less than a year thanks, to the support of small but dedicated donors, we have managed to get recognition for the small work we do.  Latinos Ready To Vote! (LRTV!) is dedicated to promote and strengthen the conservative values among Latinos and conservative policies like education, immigration, and entitlement reform.

We are happy to announce that our dedication has won the support from other veteran influential organizations like the Texas Publican Policy Foundation, The Texas Insider, Texas Immigration Solution, and Texas legislators,  with whom we will be working to promote policies to help rekindle the Conservative values within our party.   With your help we will  indeed be more involved in the legislature process as well as in the promoting conservative values and policies the coming year.

But the urgency of our work is greater than ever before, and we will depend on supporters like you to who share our values and ideas.   LRTV!  is supported by a few donors who recognize that the future of the conservative movement depends on the incorporation LatinosWe hope that you will continue your involvement with this vital community and take a moment and make a donation to LRTV!.

The urgency too is due the fact those groups like FAIR, CIS, NumbersUSA have well funded operations of about $12 million and the use it to prevent Republicans from reaching out to Latinos.  In fact, their work is to rebut the notion that “Latinos are Republican they just don’t know it,” as President Reagan once stated.

LRTV has never received a dime from the U.S. Government.  In fact,  LRTV! has prospered thanks to our small groups of investors who believe in our objective. Please consider supporting LRTV! by making a donation online or by mailing a check to the address below.  There is no better investment in our future, freedom, opportunity than LRTV!’s work.

Let’s work together to help our country.

Thank you for wonderful support and we wish you the best for a Prosperous New Year in 2013.

Linda Vega & Alex Gonzalez   
Latinos Ready to Vote!
6666 Harwin Dr #320
Houston Texas, 77036


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