While Obama Only DREAMs Act-ing On Immigration, Texas Republicans Served Up The Whole Enchilada

By Alex Gonzalez

In something that would have been considered unfeasible two years ago, the Republican Party of Texas Passed its 2012 none binding Party Platform creating a Guest-Worker program to alleviate the stresses on businesses and Hispanic communities brought on by the failure of Obama to deliver on immigration.   While  the number of deportations of immigrants have increased to almost  1.4 million and  the expansion of  the  Secure Communities  program was made mandatory under Obama administration  in all 50 states, the Republican Party of Texas managed  to actually  pass The Texas  Solution, which makes it possible for all those here in the U.S. illegally with  good moral character to apply for Guest worker program.  So,  unlike  the unfulfilled  piecemeal  solutions  that Obama has promised, the Texas Republican Party once again showed that big things Happen Texas.

Under the leadership of Art Martinez and Artemio (Temo) Muniz, members of the newly formed Federation of Hispanic Republicans, Hispanic Republicans tenaciously worked to craft a proposal that would reflect the economic need of the state of Texas by proposing Guest-Worker program to allow unskilled foreign workers to fill the job labor demands in times of full-employment here in Texas and the nation.

 The Texas Solution – Because of decades-long failure of the federal government to secure our borders and address the immigration issue, there are now upwards of 11 million undocumented individuals in the United States today, each of whom entered and remain here under different circumstances. Mass deportation of these individuals would neither be equitable nor practical; while blanket amnesty, as occurred with the Simpson-Mazzoli Act of 1986, would only encourage future violations of the law. We seek common ground to develop and advance a conservative, market- and law-based approach to our nation’s immigration issues by following these principles

Crafting this proposal was not an easy task and it required knowledge of the parliamentary system utilized during the Convection and leadership skill to keep the proposal together in the full floor for a final vote, which both Martinez and Munoz did.  Drafting this proposal was monumental since it required that all those committee members, which included Minutemen,  to caucus together to daft this proposal.    In the end, it could not be voted down by the majority delegates.  The Texas Solution also required that these members  not be intimated during the full floor session by about 2,000 delegates who could have easily voted to strip the plan, or amend it, from the Party Platform.    These leaders held their ground.

Just, two years ago, the Texas Republican Platform passed one of the most restricted immigration proposals of its kind in the nation. However, this time, the Hispanic Republican delegates, Martinez and Munoz, stood their ground, took the heat from the crowds, and defended their plan until it was cleared from the floor with about 65% of the delegates supporting the Texas Solution.

“Temo” Muniz, President of the Federation of Hispanic Republicans,  said that they worked and waited for two years to replace the old immigration plan of 2010 because it proved  ineffective in dealing with the economic realities of Texas who needs unskilled labor workers.  Additionally,  the 2010 plan, was perceived by many Latinos in Texas as anti-Immigrant and anti-Latino, which made the more vital for Martinez and Muniz to craft a plan that sends the message that the Republican Party of Texas is the Party that welcomes all those who wish to work hard, and strive to be part of the great states of Texas, a meritocracy not a welfare state.  This plan rewards only handwork and the good moral character of those who wish to be part of Texas and America.  Once again, thanks to leadership of the Martinez (chairman of the committee) and Muniz, the Republican Party can claim that it is the Party of solutions.

Though the platform is non-binding,   Democrats can no longer say, at least in Texas, the GOP is the Party of anti-immigrant and anti-Latinos because Texas introduced a solution.   Moreover, this new platform reinforces the idea Texas can lead the nation on big ideas, and Latinos currently are in need of big ideas.

Obama never brought immigration legislation to Congress when the Democrats had a super majority.  And since they failed to deliver on immigration reform, Obama opted for piecemeal approach in 2010 to appease Latino voters who felt deceived. But even when Harry Reid brought the Dream Act to the floor in the Senate during the lame duck session in 2010, Obama could not hold his caucus together and five Senators voted against the Dream Act.  And, since the failure of the Dream Act in the Senate, Obama keeps dreaming about passing a Dream Act that would only legalize about 1.6 million of “Dreamers.” However, unlike Obama who just would have legalized 1.6 million undocumented immigrants, the Texas Proposal deals with compressive solution that includes 11 million.

In a recent op-ed, Michael Barone states that Texas is the Future.  He is right.  And, the Republican Party of Texas is ready to lead the way to deal with on issues that have often  divided the Republican Party and Latinos.  More importantly, this new Texas Proposal, demonstrates   that the GOP is the party of action, not a Party of unfulfilled promises for Latinos.  Finally, this proposal shows that if Latino Republicans stick to their convictions on the direction of the Party– and are not intimated by tough crowds–they can make big things happen in Texas.   Texas is the future and Latinos are the Future of the Republican Party; it is an inescapable reality.  Viva Texas!

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