Why Abortionist Groups “Hijacked” Immigration and the GOP?

by Alex Gonzalez

The August issue of the Pro-life publication Human Life Review published an essay by Mario H. Lopez, president of the Hispanic Leadership Fund, showing how abortionists group have infiltrated the GOP for the last three decades to push for abortions, Plan Parenthood clinics and anti-Immigration laws to “control population. And these are the same groups who no are currently  pressuring Republican in the House to oppose any immigration reform. We made this diagram to illustrate how this complex network operates within the GOP while funding Plan Parenthood clinics in low-income neighborhoods. You can find a link the essay by Lopez and other similar publications by Linda Chavez at the bottom.  This diagram is based on the work of Mario H. Lopez. Also, this diagram is to illustrate how something that is so dark like eugenics and population control makes its way to some Republican members of Congress–The Party Pro-life Movement, and how these members of Congress cites information from these groups to oppose an immigration reform. Click on the pic to enlarge.

Hijacking Immigration? by  Mario Lopez

Strange Bedfellows for Conservatives by Linda Chavez

NumberUSA, Group opposing immigration bill plans full-scale campaign on House

Mexicans Are Inferior, According to FAIR and CIS, by Linda Vega

FAIR Opposition to Gang of Eight – Part II

John Tanton, restrictionist founder, is no conservative,

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