Why America felt in love with this pic of George W. Bush and Michelle Obama

logoby Alex Gonzalez

In a time when Donald Trump’s toxic campaign full a racial remarks and erratic behavior that has heighten racial tensions between whites and blacks, a picture of the first lady  Michelle Obama and President George W. Bush. And there is reason why Americans felt in love with this picture: George W. Bush unquestionable good family appeal towards fellow Americans.

This is an excerpt from an Op-ed by Linda Vega: Engaging Latinos With Positive Conservatism

When President Bush traveled to the Rio Grande Valley, during his campaign, he spoke to the residents about a common denominator among all of us, family values.  Moreover, he stressed that those values do not end at the Rio Grande Valley. People could relate, and as a result, they listened to something that was sincere and true. Those values and the connection, transcend any type of verbal fire and antagonistic behavior that politics at its best and worst brings out in us, because they are honest and heartfelt.  They also give people the comfort that they should not be doubted as Americans, even if they vote other than Republican. After all, this is the process that we all fight to maintain and improve with our vote and civic participation.

But politicians have learned to use this freedom as a weapon against many groups, and while it is good for showmanship in politics,  it is also the catalyst for friction between citizens. In the long run, however, it destroys that connection with a group and the political party.  It further creates a distance that accrues over a period of time, and is irreparable unless, someone puts forth the effort into repairing the injury.

President Bush befriended Latinos because he didn’t antagonize them if they voted Democrat.  In fact, he saw it as acceptable because we then had something in common, the love of family and country. This awakened Latinos to listen to him, to give the GOP a second glance, and eventually the vote. Those days are not gone and can be reignited with the correct message of Positive Conservatism,  just like President Bush did.  He never pandered to Latinos, but rather in Texas,  and America, he embraced them as though they were family because to him they were.

This is an excerpt from an Op-ed by Linda Vega: Engaging Latinos With Positive Conservatism



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