Why Anglos Lead

  • Note: The the term “Anglo” used in this essay refers to English-Speaking people, which includes Whites, Jews, Irish, French, Latinos, Blacks, and Asians; all groups that have inherited a political culture initially formed by the British.


  • American primacy is not an accident of this or that administration. It reflects the special capacity of English-speaking countries to lead the world order.
  • What makes a country Anglo is that its original settler population came mainly from Britain.
  •  So even though a minority of Americans today have British roots, they inherit a political culture initially formed by the British.
  • What I add is chiefly the argument that all these resources ultimately stem from the Anglo’s political achievements: Good government at home is the ultimate reason for Anglo leadership abroad.
  • The Anglo nations—singly or in concert— have taken a special responsibility for the world order. Somehow, they are available to deal with chaos and aggression abroad, as other countries usually are not. One or another of the Anglos has led all the major military operations of the last fifteen years.

Why Anglos Lead

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