Why Biden should pick Cortez Masto

by Jon Ralston

Enough already!

As the parlor game continues apace for the job that is not worth a bucket of warm spit and may not be worth much more in November, here are the top 10 reasons why Joe Biden should pick Catherine Cortez Masto as his running mate:

10. Anyone can run the DSCC; it’s not in her wheelhouse anyhow.
9. No one knows who she is. But that’s a good thing. And if they win, Dina Titus becomes a U.S. senator, and no one knows her, either!
8. Unlike Kamala, she was never mean to Joe.
7.  Unlike Stacey, she actually won a statewide race.
6. Unlike Amy, she is from a state people actually want to live in.
5.  Despite reports she doesn’t want the job, she would take it. And anyone who wants to be veep should be disqualified.
4. She meets the Hippocratic Oath of running mates: She would do no harm. She is disciplined, unflappable.
3. She has been a prosecutor, local government appointee, gubernatorial chief of staff, attorney general and U.S. senator. Her resume matches anyone else mentioned.
2. She would be the first Latina ever, thus energizing a key constituency that could swing key states, maybe even Texas.
1. She’s from Nevada. #WeMatter

Jon has been covering politics in Nevada for more than 30 years. His blog, Ralston Reports, was founded in 2012 and now lives on The Nevada Independent website.


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