Why California Democrat Conventions don’t really matter to actual primary voters

by Alex Gonzalez


The media has focused so much on how the few hard-left progressives like Alejandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders who came to the California  Democrat Convection to attack Joe Biden and renounce Capitalism and centrism while selling magic socialist beans, but they have not really talked about who the real voters are; the fact is, whoever or whatever these attendees to these conventions are, they are not actuality the majority of California Democrat voters.  

While Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez came to the convention to push the idea of “Medicare for All” as viable policy, the fact is that California is a state that had a Super Majority and the stated Assembly, led by Mexican-American Speaker (Latino) Anthony Rendon, and a Democrat  Governor, Jerry Brown, purposely killed “Medicare for All” in 2017 because they knew, like most Californians, that this idea is unrealistic and most voters would support a tax hike to pay for it .

Moreover, while Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez came to California to openly criticize Joe Biden’s centrism, the most current California Quinnipiac Poll by shows Biden easily leading the Democrat pack.

But more to the point on why party Conventions don’t really matters.

California has a “jungle primary” system in which the top two vote-getters in the primary face off in the general election, regardless of party. In congressional, state legislative, and state constitutional races, two Democrats or Republicans can oppose each other in the general election.

What happened in 2018 California Democrat  Convection?

In the race for the U.S. Senate in the 2018 Mid-term in California, Kevin De León, a former state Senate leader from Los Angeles and the favorite among progressives, received 65% of the vote of about 330 members of the state party’s executive board — more than the 60% needed to secure the endorsement. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who pleaded with party leaders not to endorse any candidate, received 7%, and 28% voted for “no endorsement.”

However, what happened in the primary was very different from the California Democrat convection.  Senator Dianne Feinstein won the top spot with a whopping  2,031,962, or 44.2%, while Kevin de León received only 528,043, or 11.5%.

So while Democrat conventions are gathering of party activists to promote party cohesion by party machine and party honchos to give the impression that everyone has voice, the fact is that regular voter in California is still moderate looking for middle of the road alternative, and this is the real reason why Biden is leading in California .

I don’t get why  few Mexican-Americans and Latino legislators in California like to buy into this unrealistic socialist  policies pushed by Bernie when they fully know that 95% of Mexican-Americans and Latino families in California are hardworking and family-oriented, and are so busy working two jobs, that have no time for these socialist non-sense pushed by Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez.

Alex Gonzalez is a political Analyst, Founder of Latino Public Policy Foundation (LPPF), and Political Director for Latinos Ready To Vote. Comments to vote@latinosreadytovote.com or @AlexGonzTXCA

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