Why Conservatives Should Fund and Support a Strong National Defense


The Jesse Helms Lecture Series highlights foreign policies that Senator Helms championed throughout his years in office. He found inspiration in America’s founders, as he wrote in his memoir:

Jefferson warned us that “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” And since our founding, Jefferson has been proven right time and time again. New enemies have constantly emerged to threaten us, and the lesson of history is that to secure our liberty, America must be constantly on guard, preparing to defend our nation against tomorrow’s adversaries even as we vanquish the enemies of today.

Senator Jesse Helms’ vision remains as true today as ever. Vigilance must be reinforced by the ability to act. Today, America’s ability to provide for the common defense is threatened by successive rounds of defense cuts. While our fiscal problems demand government restraint, they will not be solved by gutting our forces.

Join us as Senator Jon Kyl launches The Heritage Foundation’s Protect America Month and explains why the federal government’s Constitutional obligation to provide for the common defense must remain a bedrock principle of American governance.

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