Why Obama’s Immigration Political Ploy Gives Romney the Upper Hand

By Sylvia Garcia

Just yesterday Governor Mitt Romney released a new Spanish ad citing the real concern for American Hispanics: their high unemployment rate. It couldn’t be released at a more perfect time. President Obama is insulting the intelligence of the Hispanic community thinking that his stall on the “Dreamers” deportation can buy their votes. He thinks that this step will make good on all the broken promises he made to Latinos in the 2008 election. He thinks that even though immigration and the “Dream Act” are very important to many Hispanics that this will some how mask the 11% unemployment rate that they are living through today. He thinks that playing on their sentiments will make them forget their everyday suffering due to his lack of action during his term as President. He thinks that as much as American Hispanics want to find a resolve to the Dream Act, that they think that is more important than abiding by the constitution and not taking the law into his own hands. Most importantly, he thinks the private sector is doing fine.
President Barack Obama is dead wrong.

Hispanics are amongst the highest group of unemployed in this country. When it comes down to what affects them most it is jobs and the economy. Plain and simple. When they are unable to visit their friends and family because gas prices are so high they blame President Obama. When their children can’t go to college because they simply cannot afford the high costs, they blame President Obama. When they or one of their loved ones loses their jobs, they blame President Obama. When their cost of living has risen and their quality of life has diminished, they blame President Obama.

This is the perfect time for Governor Romney to show that he truly understands the needs of American Hispanics. What Latinos want to know before they reach the polling booth is that the candidate sincerely understands 3 things. First, that the economy needs to be fixed and that the candidate has the knowledge and experience to do just that. Second, they will not be deceived this time around. This past election Latinos were handed a bouquet of empty promises that went unfulfilled. Third, they want a candidate that will turn America back to the prosperous and glorious country it has always been. Most Hispanics- or their ascendants- came to America because it was the land of opportunity that understood that what made this country great was its people and not big government. Sadly, this administration would like to see America turn into a country similar to that from which many immigrants fled.

It is my deepest wish that all Latinos see and understand the true reason behind President Obama’s sudden change of heart. I hope they take into account that this is the most critical election of our time. That we simply cannot afford four more years of President Barack Obama and their voice in this election is crucial. Governor Romney’s ad says it best: Si el presidente Obama no puede ver que nuestra economía no está bien, ¿cómo espera arreglarla? (If President Obama cannot see that our economy is not well, how can he fix it?)

Sylvia Garcia is the Editor in Chief of The Americano and former Hispanic Inclusion Director for Speaker Newt Gingrich and Newt 2012.

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