By Rep. Raul Torres

This week we finish our discussion as to why Republicans and Hispanics need each other.  In conclusion, Latinos are looking for a home where their votes will not be taken for granted. Where they will be welcomed and allow to fully participate in the political process. They want to their children to have a world class education and an equal opportunity to succeed. They work hard, believe in individual freedom, they want to freely worship God, they believe in traditional marriage and in the sanctity of life. All they want is what you and I want: to provide a good quality of life for their families and a safe community for their children and grandchildren to live in.

Like most Americans, Hispanics are optimistic about their own future and that of America. I think back when I first heard Ronald Reagan. At that time, I was unemployed, I was the father of two children, and I was concerned about our family’s future. But, somehow I remember hearing him speak. His words and his enthusiasm for life gave me a renewed sense of hope. He allowed me to believe that better days were on their way and the possibility of achieving the American dream was within my grasp. President Reagan was right. Within three years, my wife and I purchased our very first home at 13% interest (that was a bargain rate at that time), but we were happy and two years later I started my very first business.

President Reagan reminded me of how great America could be if we, the people, could once again believe in ourselves. He talked about God as if he was sitting right next to me at our church service and he reminded us all of the duty we had to each other especially to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Looking forward there are two paths for Hispanics in America. One that is the path leads to nowhere. All we have to do is look back into our history books. The Democratic Party has taken the Latino vote for granted for too long and has failed to deliver on all their promises: on education, on freedom, on life, on our family values, on religious freedom, and on small business opportunities. A growing number of Hispanics are now becoming fully aware of how the Democrat Party has sold the Hispanic community only an empty box of unfulfilled promises.

The Democrat Party has done an effective job in getting the Hispanic community to believe that we are victims and we are disadvantage because others hate us.  All this does is enslave us to our own fears and causes many to be politically control by the Democrat Party.  Instead the majority of Hispanics are learning to be free thinkers and learning for themselves that they are able to choose their own destiny and choose the quality of life they want for their family.

That is why millions of hard working and conservative minded Latinos are slowly learning that the the other path, the right path, leads to a more hopeful and prosperous future for their families and for other Latinos in America.  The right path gives Hispanics the freedom to embrace and exercise those conservative values that are deeply embedded into our culture and in our minds. It leads us to the freedom to seek the best opportunities available to us as we strive to improve our education and enhance our career path. Hispanics are quickly learning that the only limit we find is within ourselves and prosperity is a only a hard day’s away from being a reality.

The Republican Party should learn a good lesson that the Democratic Party has given them. Do not take for granted the Hispanic vote. Times are changing quickly and failure to embrace the Hispanic vote and find a softer tone regarding the immigration issue will produce dreadful results in the political landscape of 2012 and the years to come. God willing the Republican leadership will make the right decisions regarding this very important matter.

I wish to conclude by updating what Ronald Reagan said many years ago, “Latinos are Republican and they are just starting to realize it.”

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Rep. Raul Torres is running for State Senate Dist. 20  you can find more info on his website http://electraultorres.com/

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