Why South Texas Needs to Vote Republican

By Adela Garza

The number one issue facing Congressional District 34, as it is for the rest of the nation, is the economy. The northern end of the District is blessed in that it has several counties that are experiencing an oil and gas boom of unprecedented proportions. Unemployment there is very low. The Eagle Ford Shale Play has made mineral rights owners there wealthy and caused an explosion of economic activity in jobs, construction, housing, and profits for oil and gas producers that have benefited especially that region and the economy of Texas as a whole.

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration and the EPA want to shut it down, as they do with most free enterprise, with over regulation, while they pursue fanciful dreams of green energy. They would choose a 3 inch lizard over the lives and livelihood of people and the availability of plentiful energy that keeps the American economic engine running. We must stop their foolishness, but on the other hand, safely and sanely develop this natural resource.

The southern end of the District is more impoverished and has languished under decades of failed Democrat policies, leadership, and corruption. Unemployment there is very high. Too many of the people there are very dependent on the government. Democrat entitlement policies have robbed people of their dignity and initiative.

We must enact policies that promote a hand up, not a hand out. We must have policies that encourage people to work and become self sufficient. Teach them how to fish so that they can feed themselves for a lifetime and not just feed them fish for the day, because, quite frankly, we can no longer afford to do otherwise. We need leadership that is not corrupt, with a vision of prosperity and forward thinking, and not a vision of how do I keep people so dependent on me that they need to vote for me so I can continue to line my pockets.

South Texas needs to try honest Republican leadership and policies, or it will forever be an area of the country and state that is neglected and forgotten until the Democrats need votes.

Adela Garza is the candidate for Texas Congressional  District 34. You can get more information about Adela Garza by visiting her website. If you live in Cameron County, or CD 34,   you can help her campaign by getting people to come out and vote. http://www.adelagarza.com/

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