Arthur Brooks: Making the case for Education reform (video)

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By Arthur Brooks

Education reformers have lots of great ideas. Why don’t they get traction? It’s all in the way we talk.

Our schools are failing the most vulnerable kids.

Everyone’s heard the scary statistics. But the dollars we spend per child and the national trends in test scores are not what’s most important.

Policy experts and passionate activists have a thousand ways that our schools could be leveraging technology, increasing choice, and fostering competition to improve opportunities for all.

Here’s what matters: We are failing in our moral duty to provide every American boy and girl the education they need to build a meaningful and satisfying life.

Every week in January, we’re releasing a new Vision Talk that tackles this crisis head-on.

Here’s the first talk:

In this energetic talk, Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute dives into the principles and practices of effective communication. He offers widely-applicable advice for getting your message across powerfully and effectively in any kind of debate. And he brings these principles home to education reform in particular, illustrating where advocates go wrong and how they can finally win.


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