Book: PATRIOTS from the BARRIO

By Dave Gutierrez

Art Cover Patriots from the Barrio FRONT DGPATRIOTS from the BARRIO is a true WWII story of the men that served in the U.S. Army’s All Mexican American combat unit. Author Dave Gutierrez originally set out to write the biography of his late cousin Ramon Gutierrez from Del Rio Texas who had served in WWII.

Ramon Gutierrez had been awarded the Silver Star for gallantry on the battlefield, wounded three times, he was captured by the German Army twice, escaping twice and returning across Allied lines. He also became one of a few Americans to be decorated for valor by the Soviet Union during WWII. Ramon was part of the 36th Division, 141st Regiment, Company E, his unit was made up entirely of Mexican Americans from the barrios of south Texas.

Originally a National Guard unit out of El Paso Texas, the men of Company E formed a unique bond that took them from the barrios of south Texas to the most crucial battles in Italy during WWII. Their incredible and heroic story is chronicled in PATRIOTS from the BARRIO.

image2The book is due to release this September.

Author Dave Gutierrez photo
Dave Gutierrez

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