High School Graduations Higher Than Ever, With Texas in 3rd Place

by Alex Gonzalez

A four-year on-time graduation rate provides measure of the percent of students that successfully complete high school in 4-years with a regular high school diploma. This report includes national and state-level Averaged Freshman Graduation Rates, which NCES has been producing for many years as an estimator for on-time graduation. New to this year’s report, NCES builds off the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education’s release of state-level Regulatory Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate data required under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

For SY2010–11, the estimated national 44-year ACGR for public high school students was 79 percent (table 1), and for SY 2011–12 it was 80 percent (table 2). This indicates that nearly 4 out of 5 students receive a regular high school diploma within 4 years of starting 9th grade for the first time.

Texas shares third place with Tennessee at 86% with Wisconsin and Vermont in first place at 87%. Among Hispanics, Texas is second place at 82% behind Vermont at 84%.

“The report points out that gaps in student performance are not inevitable. It highlights Indiana, Texas and Hawaii as success stories. The graduation rates for low-income students in those states nearly match the overall graduation rate. Montana, Arkansas, Kansas and Texas get shout-outs as well for keeping more than three in four students with disabilities on paths to diplomas.” see table

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Public High School Four-Year On-Time Graduation Rates and Event Dropout Rates:

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