Latinos, July 31st is the Last Chance to Change Politics in the GOP—500,000 votes


July 2nd was the last day to register for runoff primaries on July 31st…  Of the 11.3 million registered voters in Texas, only 1.3 million came out to vote.  Of the 1.3 Million of Republican voters in the primaries, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst received 46 percent while Cruz received about 35 percent.  This means that for the runoff, only 60% of those same voters are expected to vote; which means that the winner will be decided by few 100,000 votes. So every vote counts, and Latinos have lots of votes—they just need to cast them.

There are about 4 million Latinos who are eligible to vote in Texas, but only 2.3 are registered voters.   Additionally, there are about 2 million Latinos eligible to vote in the state who are registered to vote.  However, out of the 2.3 Latinos already registered voters, we would need  500,000 Latinos to register as Republican in Texas and come out to vote on July 31st.   Latinos should look for this:   a candidate who is less hostile—toward the whole “Amnesty” game. The Latino community can make a significant change on this issue BUT they must vote. Power is there for the taking.   Latinos can put an end to this unfortunate “amnesty” silly game, but we must take on the responsibility to vote smart.

With 500,000 Latino votes, we stand to change the course of History within the Republican Party here in Texas.  Therefore, we are sending the message to the Latino Community, especially in South Texas.  These Latino towns are being portrayed as communities filled with crime and lawlessness, while there is no data to support this argument.



We encourage Latinos register to vote and tell your friends that that they can easily weed-out a Republican candidate who is hostile toward Latinos.  Latino Republicans in Texas complained about Mitt Romney going too-far-right to the right just to pander to some interests groups.  Latinos here in Texas can change that and make sure that those candidates now speak with respect to our communities and our History in this state.

Sure you can let the loud vitriolic voices pretend that they are the true “conservative” voice, but this is your state too, and the GOP is your Party as well. So take it back! It only takes 500,000 votes!

From now until the primary election, every week we will remind Latinos that it takes only 500,000 to take their state back!

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