Linda Vega Announces Run for Senate (speech text)


Linda Vega Announces Run for Senate
Speech Presented by Linda Vega

Press Conference
Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good morning and thank you for being here with us today.

My name is Linda Vega.

For the last two years, I’ve been traveling across this great state of Texas meeting with fellow Texans of all walks of life. From Lubbock to Abilene, to Dallas, from  Houston to Austin, to San Antonio, from El Paso to Corpus Christi, Laredo, and the Rio Grande Valley. In all of those visits, I met with hardworking people who are proud of their state. People who are business owners, cattle ranchers, oil laborers, teachers, police officers, and students. They are all working toward their dream of living in a country and a state that believes in the freedom of enterprise, hard work, and limited government. I found that their story is my story.

I was born in Weslaco, Texas, a small town by the border.  Through hard work and great determination, my nine siblings and I learned early on that the American dream was ours to earn, and it started with a good education.  It wasn’t easy living by the border but the freedom and opportunities offered by our great state opened the door to a life that most thought impossible. I attended and graduated from the University of Texas and the George Washington Law School in Washington, D.C.  I am a mother and a small business owner.   I have learned to respect and understand the “Earning” that my parents talked about growing up. These are much like the conservative principles that I embrace, and that are echoed by my Republican Party.

I realized through my trips, and in talking to Texans, that we all want to do something to help rebuild our America. We all want to have a positive impact that will help to make this country strong again;  we all want to rebuild this great country of ours into a strong and prosperous nation.

Whether you are a male, female, a student, a retiree, or of any creed or race, living in this great state of Texas makes everyone feel proud about their work, the state government, our families, our churches, and our communities. We Texans know that what makes us stand out and prosper is hard work and not some government program. Texas leads the way and we can lead this nation back to prosperity.

You see, in Texas, we don’t have state income taxes because we don’t think that self-worth comes from the government.  In Texas, we believe that the power comes from the individual, from hard work, and the private sector. Small businesses are often the first start to the road of prosperity for many immigrants who come here in search of the American Dream. Texas is strong because of Texans like you.  The strength of Texas and America, therefore, is not because of the growth of government but due to the strength of its people. So, when I look at Texas I see success and pride in our state.

However, when I turn my head to Washington, D.C., all I see is a failed big government that keeps spending money it simply does not have. I see politicos who keep blaming each other for their failure. I see Washington, D.C. politicos who feel they are entitled to their political position, even if they don’t represent the interests of Texas or do anything that helps Texas. I see Politicians who come to Texas and tell you that they want to protect your freedoms, but as soon as they get to D.C., they have secret meetings with interest groups who do not have an interest in helping Texas businessmen, Texas farmers in rural areas, cattle ranchers, or parents who want a good education for their children. When I look at D.C., I see failure, after failure, after failure.

We have politicians from our own state who feel so entitled to their political position that one week they tell you they are for something, but the following week they are against the same thing they previously supported.  That is what they do in D.C.   In Washington, D.C., all their failure and political bickering makes you wonder which one is the Republican and which one is the Democrat, since they both waste your money and have caused Congress to fail.

When I look at Washington, D.C., I see an Obama Administration that keeps growing the government with bad laws like Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and the EPA.  These laws have hurt families and businesses in Texas, and they hide the fact that these big government policies have failed. Obamacare must be defunded, and it must also be repealed with real alternatives that will not penalize families or businesses.  New laws must help control the cost of healthcare, which will revamp Medicaid without hurting seniors already on Medicare and Social Security.  Congress and the Obama administration are failures, and they are part of the same D.C.  animal that is eating the future of our children with an insurmountable debt of $17 trillion dollars.

In Washington, D.C., they don’t have the same values we have here in Texas.  In Washington, D.C., they believe in entitlements and spending money they don’t have. They believe in limiting your freedom and curtailing the ability of the private sector to create jobs.

However, when I look to Texas, I see success. We must continue toward that path. Texas leads the way and must continue to create more free trade; it must lead and create an educated labor force for the future.   America needs an immigration system that stops penalizing businesses. We need to expand our free trade, especially in oil and natural gas, with friendly nations, such as Canada and Mexico, who will free us from hostile nations in the Middle East who want our money but hate us for our freedoms. We need to develop more trade relations based on natural resources because Texas sits at the heart of the natural resources corridor that can create millions of more jobs for Texas and the United States.

Seven of the top 10 cities for future job growth are right here in Texas! We should be proud of the pro-job growth policies that Texas has.  As our population doubles in the next 30 years, we need to look toward the future in Texas and create more jobs with an educated labor pool for all Texans. I want to work on that.

I am a strong believer of the Reagan ideals that hard work is what determines the character of who you are. In Texas, we work hard and that is why our character is strong. Our success is because of a strong Republican leadership led by Gov. Perry and a Republican legislature. We must protect what works here in Texas from the Washington,D.C. failures. We must protect Texas freedom, businesses, and her citizens from an overreaching big federal government.

In Texas, we are a free people. We will fight hard to make sure Obama and his policies don’t take away our freedom.

Lately, when I look around, I see two Americas. One with hardworking people, limited government, and private enterprise that is found in the Texas that I love. On the other hand, I see a bureaucratic mess in Washington, D.C. spending money that isn’t there. This is why Americans are angry; who can blame us.

Today, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am announcing that I am running for U.S. Senate as a Republican.  As your senator, I will put the country first and defend our freedom in Texas.

The Badge of Honor that I wear is not about partisan politics but one of putting the country first. We need a new, fresh, voice that will be true to our liberties and the America’s greatness, not one of an unproductive rhetoric.

Today I ask for your support as I promise to work hard to represent the ideals that have made Texas a success.   We can rebuild this nation together.  One way to start that rebuilding is to bring Texas values of personal accountability and limited government to Washington, D.C.  America used to be a land of hope and inspiration, and we need to rebuild that.    Washington, D.C. needs a Red State model on education, and economic growth, that of low taxes and pro-business.  We need an immigration reform based on labor demands.  And, we need to make sure that Washington, D.C. stops spending the money of the future generation of Texans and Americans.

There is nothing worse than a parent not knowing what type of future their children and the future generations will have. We are on a course of crashing and we need to drastically change it before it is too late. As your U.S. Senator representing Texas, I will put America first and always carry my Texas proudly in my heart.

Thank you.

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