Maximizing North America’s Economic Potential

This week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation held an event at the George W. Bush Institute to discuss North America’s growth potential.  As part of that gathering, Bush Institute economic fellows Bud Weinstein and Matthew Denhart put together papers explaining how to integrate some of the economic, energy and immigration policies of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Read Bud’s paper on economic and energy integration and Matthew’s paper on integrating immigration policies. They each provide ways in which North America could maximize its economic potential.

You can read both papers below.

The United States and Mexico: Immigration Reform For Stronger Economic Growth

This paper addresses the role of Mexican immigrants in the United States, discusses the problems with current immigration policies, and outlines major reforms needed to leverage immigration and labor mobility for economic growth across the continent. Not only are the lives of immigrants and the success of businesses on both sides of the border at stake, but also the economic competitiveness of North America as a whole in an increasingly competitive world economy.


North America: An Energy Colossus

This paper discusses several major reforms that must be made to effectively create a common energy market across the continent. If successful, the emergence of the North American “energy colossus” will fuel an industrial revival; further de‐tether America from the instability of the Middle East; and stimulate economic growth across the continent.

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