Texas: One State, 2 Senators, 2 Views on Immigration, and One Push For Big Government

By Alex Gonzalez

Next week, Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn intends to introduce  amendment to the immigration bill  on the floor next week to replace the section devoted to border security and criminal justice titles.  Conversely,  Sen. Cruz, and U.S. Sens. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.; Mike Lee, R-Utah; and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa sent a Letter with the intent of killing the bill. Thus, while Sen. Cornyn seeks to strengthen the bill on border security, the Tea Party “gang” of four wants to kill the bill. The two different views by the two senators from Texas is clear indication that this is more about Tea Party political irrational fixation with immigration, and less about policy. And this fixation at its core is a push for government enlargement by Sen. Cruz.

On its merits, the Amendments proposed by Sen. Senator Cruz in the Senate judiciary, and now the template for his Letter in the Senate, to further enlarge government includes tripling the size of border patrol, more drones, helicopters and militarization of the border, all presenting serious Constitutional violations to homeowners, ranchers in South Texas, and all border communities who will have to relinquish land and properties the Department of Homeland Security and the Obama Administration to build fences by tripling the size of the border patrol, the military and drones.

Moreover, the big government Amendments proposed by Sen.  Cruz in the Judiciary Committee dot not reflect the values of limited government that Texas value, but rather resembles the big Progressive government policies of the 1920s and Prohibition Era that sought to fix economy and social programs by creating federal bureaucracies to regulate economic activity and morality. Such big government ideas are inherently un-Texan.

Sen. Cruz is objects to this bill because of the metrics are not affective, and therefore he presumes that tripping the size of the Border Patrol is the solution. But tripling of the size of Border Patrol only will strength the role of Border Patrol Unions, which are not under the purview of the federal government or the state of Texas, but rather Union Bosses. Too, tripling of Border Patrol will create a drain on an already-constrained federal budget that is already depressed budget by payment to Obama Care, Medicare, Social Security, and the Pentagon.

In addition, the proposed Amendment by Sen. Cruz and the “gang” of four to militarize Texas-Mexico border may hamper farther trade relation between Texas and Mexico in time when Mexico is becoming middle-class nation and Texas economy dependents more on trade with Mexico.  For example, for the last five years Mexico has had consistent 5% of GDP while Texas has increased its exports to Mexico by 100 percent since 2005. Also, currently, 60 percent of all NAFTA trade –about $300 billion–comes through Texas creating jobs and industries entirely dependents on Texas-Mexico trade relation and an effective management of the flow of good across the border. This will be hampered by a tripling of the Border Patrol and militarization of the border.

One could reasonably argue if it was about policy of border security and illegal immigration, Sens. Cruz and Cornyn, by looking at the same facts, will come to similar conclusion. But Sens. Cornyn, McCain, and Kyle–all Republican border states–  have such different views from Sen. Cruz. How can a reasonable person presume that Jeff Session and Mike Lee can know more about border than Sen. Cornyns, and therefore, that is why Cruz sided with them over Sen. Cornyn. Well you can’t.

The Amendment by Sen, Cornyn seeks provisional “triggers” before registered immigrants are allowed to apply for green card status. His amendment would require 100 percent of “illegal border crossers” to be apprehended rather than 90 percent in the current bill. It would also require 100 percent staffing rather than 90 percent of each one-mile segment of the southern border and installment of a national E-Verify system before registered immigrants can pursue green cards.

Cornyn’s Amendment would also add 10,000 Border Patrol officers over five years and deliver emergency funds for border control, including $1 billion a year in entry staffing and infrastructure. Also, Sen. Cornyn’s Amendment will ask that “serious misdemeanors” alongside felonies as criteria that would prohibit immigrants from pursuing legal status. All of these are reasonable doable changes to strengthen the bill, not kill it.

Luckily, we still have Sen. Cornyn in Floor of the Senate standing tall and showing that Republicans from Texas really offer solutions.

Alex Gonzalez  is a political Analyst and Political Director for Latinos Ready To Vote!  He received a Bachelors Degree and a Masters’ Degree, with emphasis in American politics,  from San Francisco State University.
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